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Where can I follow everything IMPA is doing and how can I ensure I am on IMPA’s various subscribers’ lists?

You can subscribe to our non-member newsletters directly from the homepage of our main website. You can also make sure to follow our various social media platforms, as well as our weekly-updated blog and monthly podcast. All these links can be found in the footer of our website.

Can I gift someone a one-year membership of IMPA?

You certainly can! Please reach out to Stevie from the IMPA membership team by using our handy contact form, and tell us the name, email and telephone number of the lucky person, and we will help you sort this great gift.

If I become a member of IMPA, will I get instant access to all the IMPA products, like the Marine Stores Guide?

This is a common misconception, and we are afraid to say no. Many of our projects and initiatives are standalone products that require a lot more human and time resources to manage, therefore we charge for these separately. However, as an IMPA member, you often get discounts when purchasing our other products or memberships.

I want to allocate some of my marketing budget to advertising across IMPA’s platforms. Whom should I contact?

That's great! Across our product portfolio, we have a reach that extends to 40,000+ industry professionals. If you want to explore the various options for promoting your business and getting your brand out there, please reach out to Nicole or Karen by using our contact form.

Is there any reason I should go for the corporate membership?

Our corporate membership option is an affordable way for companies who want to see multiple personnel (or divisions in the case of some supplier members) join IMPA; it is not an inherently better option, but one that would ensure up to five individuals at the same company (in the case of purchasers) or up to three individuals or divisions of the same company (in the case of suppliers) become IMPA members and get the afferent benefits.

Can I contact my regional ambassador directly through the website to enquire about membership?

You certainly can and are in fact encouraged to do so! All our ambassadors are eager to discuss IMPA with potential members and are looking forward to chat to you about any concerns you may have before joining.

How can IMPA improve my day-to-day job as a purchaser or supplier in maritime?

By becoming part of our Association as a purchaser or supplier member, you gain not only the support of a global network, but also unlock opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange, as well as access to member-only events and seminars. We can help support your work on CSR with lower rates for our initiatives, assist you with finding sustainable suppliers, offer you the latest insight in the sector, facilitate networking and debating through our regular events, help you with continuing professional development, and more. For us at IMPA, it is important to offer services and products that the community and our members actually require, and as a member, you will be encouraged to offer us your suggestions for new and existing initiatives.

Why should I join a trade association?

Joining a big community like IMPA’s will come with wonderful opportunities that will benefit your career. While networking and building relationships are often the two most touted benefits, there is much more to being a member of a trade association such as IMPA. From benefitting from continued education and development in an area that is often forgotten in the traditional classroom to being involved in the development and implementation of best practices in the sector, member companies can take advantage of excellent opportunities that are unique to our community. Finally, we also work hard to amplify our members’ voices, so by becoming part of our organisation, you can rest assured your concerns will be heard and suggestions considered.

If IMPA acts as a non-profit organisation, why do you charge for membership?

We totally understand where this question is coming from. We act as a non-profit organisation simply because all our members’ financial support goes back into the running of the Association, its projects, and its initiatives. Without our wonderful members’ support over the past four decades, we would not have been able to come this far and create and manage so many initiatives and education programmes. We do, however, try to keep the membership fee as low as possible in order to ensure that every procurement professional out there can afford to join us. Our membership fees have not changed in almost a decade, despite our project portfolio quadrupling.

Questions regarding membership?

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please get in touch with us directly.

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Membership and Ambassador Liaison Officer

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