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  • Exploring Change in Maritime Procurement: IMPA Survey 2019/2020

    The IMPA team has embarked on its regular investigative journey and asked over 40 senior ship-owners and -managers how they fared during 2019 and what see ahead in 2020 and 2021.

  • Port Focus

    Welcome to our port focus on the Port of Las Palmas located in the Canary Islands.These guides offer insight into and analysis the intricacies of the supply chain, the economic outlook and the challenges procurement departments face.

    This issue, IMPA Members Provicanarias have provide an overview of the Canary Islands’ best natural inlet the Port of Las Palmas. The most important port in the Atlantic

    How To Guide
    Last updated: 10/12/14
  • Do you choose a port agent based on price or value?

    As the shipping industry evolves, and global trade continues to grow, so does the amount of port agents on offer to shipping companies. As a consequence, choosing the right one is more important than ever. In this article, Jesper Steenbuch, Managing Director of Wave Shipping, gives us his recommendations on what to look for when choosing a port agent to always ensure a successful call.

  • Understanding Logistics

    Following our guide to marine coatings, welcome to the second of Marine Trader's briefing papers on essential products and services. The briefings have been created as reference tools for everyday practice and, in particular, to help distance learning candidates studying for the IMPA Diploma in marine purchasing and supply.

    In this issue, we draw on the long experience of IMPA president Jan R. Johannessen, purchasing manager at Fred. Olsen Marine Services, for some crucial pointers on the key function of logistics.

    Briefing Paper
    Topics: #Logistics
    Last updated: 10/12/14