MESPAS supports digitalisation of maritime industry with launch of Free Procurement

Mar 29, 2021

MESPAS, the maritime software specialists, are making their state-of-the-art procurement software available free of charge to purchasers. MESPAS sees the digitalization of the maritime industry as a priority and believes that its unique, centralised smart data can help accelerate the move to digital.

With Free Procurement ship managers and purchasers receive an advanced, ready-made procurement module. They can access a supplier directory of tens of thousands of suppliers, compare offers, view price history, send requests and orders, receive invoices and track orders online at any time. All free of charge.

The procurement module is based on MESPAS’s smart data. All users have access to exactly the same data and can follow price history, turnover, order volume per supplier and much more. By using MESPAS’s centralised, smart platform in the cloud, homogeneity of information is ensured, efficiency is increased, mistakes are eliminated.

This is a brave new step for MESPAS. They are the only company in the market offering free procurement software based on smart data with a vast array of features and no restrictions to use.

Free procurement is ideal for purchasers who currently do most purchasing manually or companies with existing procurement systems lacking vendor integration. With Free Procurement the vendor is integrated with the supplier and can place orders, compare offers, follow price history etc at the click of a button.

MESPAS hopes in this way to make a major contribution to the digitalisation process in the maritime industry. Further rollouts are planned.

For more information, please contact:
Tamsayne Beesley, Marketing Manager +41 44 271 03 20 /


MESPAS is an independent Swiss IT and engineering company, with subsidiaries and partners throughout the world. Our technical ship management software enables our customers in the maritime industry to run their ships safely and efficiently, resulting in better performance, decreased costs and lower emissions.

Our e-trading platform allows ships, management offices and suppliers to digitally place and receive offers, orders and invoices.

MESPAS is the only company in the maritime industry whose products are provided on cloud-based software, with a unique library of millions of machine types, spare parts and documents, all instantly available to our customers to improve their business processes.

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