IMPA General Council gathers for its annual meeting in Windsor

Feb 27, 2020

IMPA's Council and representatives from the Administration Office met on 24 and 25 February 2020 in Windsor, UK, to discuss what was one of the busiest years so far in the Association's history, with lots of activity around all the five pillars. The meeting was well attended and we were joined (from left to right) by Stephen Alexander (COO and Secretary General), Yuzo Koike (VP of MSG), Susan Koefoed (CEO and Chair), Marco Spandri (VP of Marketing), Dominic Scott (Alexony Head of Digital and IMPA Advisor), Jasmine Schestak (IMPA Head of Projects: Strategy and Development) and Simon Potter (IMPA Council Support). Also with us via video conference were Rob C. Scharff (VP of Education) and Jesper Larsen (VP of Product Innovation). In this article, we are introducing some of the main changes, as well some of the discussions around future plans.

On restructuring

There is a restructuring taking place at the IMPA Administration Office, which the Council approved unanimously. Nicole Roberts will now be the Head of Events, with sole focus on the administration and development of the IMPA London, Singapore, Greece and Hamburg events, and Jasmine Schestak is taking the role of IMPA Head of Projects, working from now onwards with Stephen on developing the strategy of the IMPA project portfolio. Stevie Davison-Scott joins the membership team as Membership Secretary and will now be the new point of contact for members and ambassadors alike.

On the Marine Stores Guide

The Marine Stores Guide is continuing to evolve, innovate and change, in order to keep up with demand from the industry. This new change is geared towards developing the data with an online platform and offer the industry a product that can evolve daily.

As shepherds of the data, we will be proud to introduce soon the MSG Online Service. A brand-new service, the MSG Online Service will now empower the maritime community and streamline operational tasks by allowing users to search products, see descriptions and create and download shopping lists. Get in touch with our team at [email protected] to find out more or read about it all in the next issue of the Marine Trader.

On the IMPA Marine Procurement Academy

We have now brought forward a new website with innovative courses that offer maritime procurement professionals the credibility and status that other disciplines enjoy. Not only do we offer three online programmes suitable for buyers and suppliers in the global shipping industry who want to take their career a level further, but we also offer several classroom-based courses with some of our partnered institutions, such as Lloyd’s Register and Global CSR, dedicated to various pillars within the maritime procurement field. Moreover, we will be soon launching a new foundational course, fully flexible and 100%-based on online study, that will be aimed at those completely new to procurement who want a head-start in this exciting industry. To find out more about what is on offer, browse the new website or get in touch with our team at [email protected].

On our Sustainability Agenda

Following on from Forbes’ prediction that 2020 will be the year of sustainable business, IMPA ACT is feeling this in spades. Having had one of the best starts of the year yet, we have been gaining lots of traction with several ship-owners and major suppliers joining the programme and beginning work on building a responsible supply chain management. Looking ahead, we have many things in store for 2020, including adapting our IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct to the increasing environmental regulations, increasing the number of checks on progress for our preferred suppliers, holding a new Sustainability Run in September and running a two-day training session in September in London on the UN Guiding Principles.

As a result, IMPA’s sustainability agenda is very busy at the moment, even more so now that we are also heavily involved with a joint industry project on single-use plastic and having secured the introduction of a brand new category to the Seatrade Awards: the IMPA Sustainable Supply Chain Management Award. For more information on all these undertakings, please get in touch with our team at [email protected].

On events

IMPA Hamburg is coming to Germany on 14 May 2020! With a similar set up as IMPA Greece, we will endeavour to connect purchasers and suppliers in the German region and make the IMPA family of products and initiatives more known. Further developments with our London event will soon be announced, so stay tuned for that and, if you have any questions, please send an email to our Events team at [email protected].

On other developments

A mandate for building a new website geared towards membership has now been given and a revamp of the strategy for dealing with ambassadors is in sight. These, along many other changes, will be announced in days to come, so watch this space.

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