IMPA COO, Stephen Alexander, recalls his must-read MT stories of 2019

Mar 22, 2020

Maritime Procurement Manager 4.0 - MT issue 1 2019
IMPA COO Stephen Alexander delves into the minds of marine procurement leaders to share their insights and thoughts, and to ask what’s next. Stephen travelled to Scotland to meet Allan Muir, Director of Digital Supply Chain at Teekay Shipping.
Stephen Alexander, IMPA COO

The Human Element - MT issue 2 2019
In an age of digital obsession, it is easy to forget the hidden people powering our industry. We spoke to Roger Harris of ISWAN on the importance of crew welfare and to see how his organisation is working to improve the lives of seafarers.
Roger Harris, International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN).

Managing Procurement Change in the Digital Age - MT issue 3 2019
As technology becomes an ever-more present force in procurement, how do you manage the change process? We talk to leading CPO and procurement consultant Bina Panchal who gives us the lowdown on procurement change in the digital era.
Bina Pancha, Head of Procurement Transformation of Condé Nast International

Create Collaborative Resilience - MT issue 3 2019
Dr Sandra Bell explains how to make resilience a defining factor of digital supply chains
Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting EMEA at Sungard Availability Services

From the Ground Up - MT issue 4 2019
Talking data and analytics is one thing, but implementing a successful programme is another. We talk to procurement analyst Ivo Arts about his experience doing just that, about the challenges and benefits of data, and why shipping is ready for change.
Ivo Arts, Independent Procurement Analyst

Steady Progress - MT issue 4 2019
Procurement consultant Lance Younger explains why procurement services could be on the rise, how consultancy work is changing, and how he recommends clients adapt to digital.
Lance Younger Procurement Consultant and Managing Director, Inverto, A BCG Company

Worth the Hype? - MT issue 5 2019
Is blockchain a passing tech trend or the future? What do procurement professionals in maritime need to understand?
Katja Grothe-Eberhardt, Partner and COO at Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (BLOC)

Going Deep - MT issue 6 2019
Deep tech has been a long time coming, and it will be a golden era for the resurgence of small businesses, especially those in the supply chain says Michael Gravier.
Michael Gravier, Professor of Marketing and Global Supply Chain Management

The Heart of the Matter - MT issue 6 2019
Ports are at the heart of the shipping industry, and will be the centre of its digital ecosystems says Wärtsilä’s Matteo Natali.
Matteo Natali, General Manager, Port Business Development at Wärtsilä

Mission Possible - MT issue 7 2019
Francois Marine and Offshore’s Mikael Karlsson tells MT how sustainability is the platform from which its client partnerships are built.
Mikael Karlsson, Group Head of Sales at Francois Marine & Offshore

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