IHM Expert joins IMPA Singapore 2022

Oct 24, 2022

We sat with GSR Services to find out a little more about what they offer and what brought them to IMPA Singapore

Tell us about your company.

For over a decade, GSR has provided expert services for efficient IHM-Compliance to manufacturers, shipyards and shipowners. GSR provides solutions from cradle to cradle for efficiently managing responsibilities for maritime assets with a fine quality and compliance approach. GSR is the most experienced and recognized expert company for compliance with HKC, EU-SRR and beyond. Customer-oriented solutions are based on our vast knowledge and experience, which ensures that all targets are met.

What makes your product/services unique?

Our thought-through solutions provide the most convenient and secure solutions for our clients. Efficiency and detailed knowledge safeguard our clients from bureaucratic burdens and other challenges. Experience combined with a transparent and cooperative approach, including quality focus, guarantees efficient and unique compliance solutions for the maritime industry. You can rely on GSRs’ enthusiastic and professional services.

As a reputed quality service provider, we take care of ESG compliance, safeguard businesses and create new opportunities. Our capabilities and digital solutions pave the way to a better tomorrow.

What are your reasons for joining IMPA Singapore?

IHM practices under consideration of buyer-seller interfaces and liabilities are heavily underdeveloped, and high-risk approaches prevail. We want to raise awareness and enable all stakeholders to avoid risky “services” and to achieve efficient IHM-Compliance instead. Only proper and knowledge-based solutions can achieve efficient IHM-Compliance for all stakeholders involved and reduce their costs. This is why we jointly developed the “IHM-RELEVANCY CHECK” within the MSG with IMPA and NautilusLog and offer further services.

Thank you, GSR Services, for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next month.

GSR Services’ Henning Gramann will also deliver a case study on IHM maintenance at the IMPA Singapore conference that must not be missed!

To find out more about this upcoming event, click here.

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