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Sep 15, 2021
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Starting September as we mean to go on and culminating a good few months of development work, the IMPA membership team is excited to announce at last the official launch of the brand-new IMPA website. In this article, Stevie and Jasmine from the IMPA team explore what this new website will bring to our community.

1. A new user-friendly interface that truly reflects the great work our members help us do every day

It had been over a decade since we had changed our main website and its interface. While this used to be a good thing, as for many of our members, it represented easy-to-navigate familiar surroundings, it became obsolete over the last few years. With the introduction of new projects and initiatives (15+ compared to fewer than five 10 years ago), an increasingly wider and more important role in the industry and an ever-expanding membership base (soon 1000 company members), the old began to fail reflecting the great work we do and our appetite for collaboration with the maritime community. If you were ever in a position where you had to email us to ask what’s new because you could not find it on the website, or had to Google search one of our initiatives because you were not able to find the direct link on, then you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Well, we hope this will no longer be the case! A brand-new gave us the chance not only to explain our mission and status in the industry much better for those first-time visitors who are looking to get involved, but it also allowed us to create an all-encompassing virtual hub with direct links and a never-ending stream of updates across our entire project portfolio. Whether you want to schedule a product demo, get in touch with one of our pillar managers or simply read about the many initiatives we are working on under our five-pillar banner, you will be able to do so on our new

“Over the years, IMPA has gained so many roles in our industry. We are one of the biggest and most active associations in the maritime procurement community, but we are also a global network, knowledge seekers and sharers, creators and drivers of best practice, language barrier breakers, facilitators, and more! I truly hope our new website reflects well the great work we do and will help us expand our community.” (Susan Koefoed, IMPA Chair and CEO)

2. Great new little features, more ways to get involved and a news hub like never before!

We are introducing some interesting new features which we hope you will enjoy as much as we do. Land on the homepage and you will have an event calendar at the bottom of the page, giving you an overview of our next planned events, socials and podcasts, a news feed that collects – in one place – our latest updates from all our different project websites, and plenty more ways to know who is behind each of our projects and get in touch with them directly. More importantly, for those who access the website primarily to be redirected to one of our initiative’s websites, we have included a great new overarching banner giving you the quick links to each project within our entire portfolio.

3. A new IMPA members’ area with a fresh new look with all member benefits under one roof

The new IMPA website allows us to bring members a new private area and dashboard which allows them to dive into the IMPA Insight Centre, unlock full access to the IMPA Members’ Directory, and much more. Everything is now in one place and only one click away. As we speak, the membership team is working on creating new tutorials on how members can make the most of their membership experience, how to use the various discounts, as well as how to simply navigate through our wide array of projects.

4. A much-improved IMPA Members’ Directory is now active, soon bringing more opportunities to stand out

One of the biggest changes we have brought with this launch is a complete revamp of the IMPA Members’ Directory, one of our most popular products. In the following months, Stevie from the IMPA Membership team will be in touch with existing members to update their listings, which will now feature company descriptions, product categories (coinciding with the MSG categories), company logos, existing certificates and more, as well as display members’ involvement across the IMPA product portfolio! What does this mean? For example, purchaser members searching the Directory for suppliers will now be able to see whether a particular supplier is involved in IMPA ACT, IMPA SAVE or other IMPA initiatives. All in one place and part of our initiative to turn the Directory into a useful tool for finding frontrunner companies!

Further plans for the IMPA website?

Definitely! We have so many plans for the future and we are really excited about bringing them slowly to light. We will want to produce more content for our Insight Centre, offer more support to our members, expand our database and expand our reach much further. But do not worry, we will let you know about every change as we go along.

Thoughts? Feedback?

Get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you and see what you think! You can use our brand new contact form.

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