Marine Stores Guide: Up-to-Date (Part II)

The future of the MSG is near. Here, we further outline the drastic upcoming changes for the Guide in greater detail.

In the previous article, we talked about the next steps that are being undertaken for the Marine Stores Guide (MSG) by announcing a brand new API system for all categories and listings. Further to that, we also announced the first product to utilise the API, the MSG Online Web App; this is an online browsable catalogue of every category and product listed in the MSG. In this article, we will outline more details on both the MSG API and Web App, how you will be able to use them and when you can expect them to launch publicly.


Shortly after launch, the MSG quickly became the industry standard referencing tool for marine purchasing and supply and has remained that for more than 40 years. The MSG team has always strived to deliver a product that is up to date and easy to use. With new advancements in technology, we are now able to provide the next evolution of the MSG, which is fully digital and accessible to anybody with intermittent access to the internet. The MSG Online App is our first brand new project to be announced because of that. Here is a simple breakdown of how the app will work for the average user:

- The MSG customer will be given login credentials;
- They will be able to access the app via a link on any device (desktop, mobile, etc.);
- Once logged in, they will be able to browse the entire MSG catalogue and search by keywords and directly with an MSG six-digit code;
- Each product viewed has its page with specifications, a description and images;
- The user can save any catalogue item to a ‘shopping cart’;
- Once the user’s session is completed, they can export their ‘shopping cart’ to a handy CSV or PDF file.

We hope to deliver a new product that will allow all users access to the MSG catalogue at any time, wherever they are. It can be used at your leisure from your mobile device or a desktop computer when compiling your next big order. Due to being linked to the brand new API, it will always be up to date with the latest adjustments in the MSG catalogue. It will offer lightning-fast search speeds from anywhere in the world and a secure connection from whatever device you log in on.

The new web app–set to launch at the beginning of 2020–will offer the best way yet to search and view the entire MSG catalogue through an easy-to-use intuitive design.

“You’re going to be handling something that feels completely new, yet natural. The aim here is to make the product available at any time of day and anywhere.” (Dominic Scott, IMPA Advisor and Head of Digital at AX Digital)


The many years dedicated to the development of the MSG API have led to the next evolution in the product. While the MSG book will continue to exist alongside our current dataoffering format, technology today is allowing the product to be pushed forward in all-new ways.

“The MSG Online web app is the first announced example of what is being developed for the MSG, but very soon we will be announcing more developments in the product range that will further cement the Marine Stores Guide as the only marine referencing tool needed for all purchasing and supply users. We have put in a lot of hard work to the MSG API to open many doors for the product in the future. With the API, we have a solid foundation to build upon with any future digital MSG products.” (Stephen Alexander, IMPA Secretary General and COO)

The future of the MSG is here, and we cannot wait to share more.