BAYPORT: It’s Good to Evolve

Puerto y Bahia announce company to rebrand to Bayport as part of a new strategy to grow and expand its operation

Puerto y Bahia evolved at IMPA London this year. As a sign of its growth and its move toward a new strategy, the company rebranded to Bayport. It’s a move that reaffirms the company’s leadership in Spain and abroad, and a desire to enter new markets and business sectors.

“Bayport symbolises the evolution of this company,” according to owner and manager Rafael Fernandez. “With Over 170 employees and 11 branches throughout Spain, covering all major ports, we continue to expand in our market sector and our economic activities.”

“The company has grown over the last 40 years. Our aim is to consolidate our global strategy. As part of that we have reworked our corporate identity to attend to the demands of our growing international market.”

This new corporate identity was unveiled at IMPA London, during which we spoke to the team at Bayport…

MT: Puerto & Bahia is rebranding to Bayport, which is very exciting. What can we expect from this change?

BAYPORT: Although Puerto y Bahia ranks as one of the top ship suppliers in Spain, we are looking for new horizons, and new targets under the flag of quality, service, experience, and specialisation with an international emblem. We want to be identified as the company capable of solving any issue, anywhere, anytime, regardless of frontiers or languages. 

MT: Why Bayport?

BAYPORT:  The name is easier, shorter, and closer. Allow us to explain.

The name of our company is reaching unsuspected and remote regions around the world, so why not make it easier to our valued customers, suppliers, and collaborators? Because of our strong sense of communication, we have searched for a shorter name from the linguistic point of view. We are making our name BAYPORT closer to the global language that our business is involved in, not only in the shipping industry but in business in general.

MT: Is the direction of the company changing?

BAYPORT: The main activity remains the same. Shipping supplies is our core business and we will continue with this. The company grew significantly last year, opening several branches all around Spain. Now, we are able to carry out our supplies in any port with our own personnel, giving a personal, reliable, and a quality service. 

The old name was very well known and recognized all around the world, but there are new opportunities outside and the change was necessary. So, the answer to your question is: no, it is not changing, it is just being adjusted to new times.

MT: Where do you expect the company to be in five years’ time?

BAYPORT: We have achieved a lot in the last five years. We have gone from one to 11  branches, from 40 to more than 180 employees. The company today is a benchmark in the shipping market not only in the south of Spain but around the world.

The chief task in the next years will be to consolidate our client portfolio. For this purpose, we have recently strengthened our commercial department. Secondly, we will continue the expansion policy. New branches will come soon. We will also strengthen a new business line not related to shipping. 

Despite the difficulties facing the shipping market, we feel stronger thanks to the fruits harvested in the past. We are in an optimum position to face the challenges to come and we expect Bayport to be present not only in the six continents, but also in local markets with more than five divisions attending and assisting our wide range of business ventures.

MT: What new services/solutions can we expect from Bayport?

BAYPORT: We will continue to offer the same services we always have done. Additionally, Bayport will strengthen its position in the offshore business with the incorporation of CISAM Offshore (ship supply company located in the Canary Islands specialising in offshore supplies) to the Group. And we will increase our client portfolio with supplies to the military forces and public administration.

MT: What qualities from P&B will be carried over into Bayport?

Bayport will spread the heritage of Puerto y Bahia, with all the strengths, humility, and values that have helped us in the last 38 years.  All the virtues of our company will remain untouched and are joined by a new vision: A new age with plenty of opportunities and with a renewed energy and enthusiasm.

We would like to thank our thousands of customers for having trusted PUERTO Y BAHIA for almost 40 years and give a warm welcome to BAYPORT.