Farewell ‘Uncle Ernie’, IMPA’s founding father

It is with great sadness that I must report to members that on the 11th November, we said goodbye to our dear friend and IMPA’s founding father Ernest H. Allum. ‘Uncle Ernie’, as he was affectionately known to many of us, went into hospital to an ‘end of life’ ward and passed just a few days later; he was 98 years old.

Ernie was well known to many members and the industry as a charming and charismatic man who had a long career in the industry having been at Sea from a young age and then returning to land to work in purchasing.

He was one of the founding members of IMPA, and it was a project he was more than passionate about. Many will know that he never missed an IMPA London event and he even attended in September in his wheelchair and with the help of his carers.

We will miss him dearly; he had a wonderful and colourful life that saw him travel the world and spend more than 50 years in the shipping business both at Sea and Ashore, we celebrate his life and his achievements. The legacy he left, through our association, will continue to honour his memory for many years to come.

Goodbye, dear friend, and thank you for everything.