Over the last twenty years the role of procurement in global shipping has undergone dramatic change.

It has moved from the functional focus of buying into a complex strategic domain involving many, continually emerging business issues. Alongside this, there are many risks to manage and changing regulation on an almost daily basis that affects purchasers the world over.

Beyond the functional role of procurement, purchasing managers and supply chain personnel are now expected to contribute to their company’s strategic objectives. This means delivering continued value maximisation and competitive advantage.

The five pillars of IMPA

Within the current procurement environment IMPA membership provides critical value in two ways; the first is by offering a range of tangible membership benefits that can be quantified in terms of key products and services and the second is through offering essential and valuable insight and knowledge that comes from being part of an industry network of experts and thought-leaders. These two IMPA value streams exist within the IMPA Five Pillars.

IMPA’s five pillars consist of the following:

The Marine Stores Guide Product Portfolio

IMPA members receive exclusive discounts and offers for the MSG product portfolio, which provides a universal coding system to facilitate communication between crews, owners, operators and suppliers.

Education and Training

IMPA is committed to giving members access to training programmes developed in association with established industry organisations, and encouraging professional development.

CSR and the IMPA ACT Programme

IMPA engages in industry initiatives, such as the IMPA ACT CSR programme, which represent the best interests of the industry and those engaged within the purchasing and supply sector.

Networking & Events

IMPA members benefit from discounts on a whole host of networking opportunities, which include our premier exhibitions and year-round professional development events.

Knowledge and Insight

IMPA provides members with access to a comprehensive portfolio of papers and guides on a range of business and procurement subjects, plus exclusive access to our industry-leading publication, Marine Trader.

Personal networks and building value

As a procurement and maritime supply chain management professional building a personal network is vital and IMPA is uniquely placed to help and assist with this.

Formulating your own personal bank of trusted contacts, information, knowledge and data enables you to contribute to the bottom line in your business, whilst continually promoting the role, value and contribution of maritime procurement.

On this level IMPA membership can help with sourcing new and trusted suppliers, obtaining key information relating to operating in new areas around the globe, gaining tactical knowledge on specific purchasing approaches and learning about new and emerging issues such as sustainable supply chain management. These and many other benefits add to the very real and tangible value of becoming an IMPA member at whatever level you are at within the industry.

Ready to join us?

IMPA offers different types of membership, if you already know what type of membership you would like to get, simply select it from below.

Purchaser Membership


Are you a company or individual working in the ship owning, operating or management sector? If the answer is yes then you need to apply for ‘Purchaser’ membership.

The cost of a Purchaser membership is £160 per annum.

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Supplier Membership


Are you a company or individual working in manufacturing or supply of goods and/or services to the maritime sector? If the answer is yes then you need to apply for ‘Supplier’ membership.

The cost of a Supplier membership is £240 per annum with a one-off £120 joining fee.

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Corporate Purchaser Membership


Are you a company operating in the ship owning, operating or management sector? Corporate Purchaser Membership allows up to five procurement personnel at the same organisation to become IMPA Members.

The cost of a Corporate Purchaser membership is £300 per annum.

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