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Meet the IMPA working groups

The IMPA Working Groups are clusters of industry-leading specialists, senior-level purchasers and major suppliers who volunteer to help our Council and administration teams create projects and programmes, develop these according to what the industry wants, and promote them laterally to colleagues in the maritime business.

The IMPA ACT Working Group

IMPA ACT is an award-winning responsible business conduct system designed for the global shipping industry that was created in 2013 as a result of a large-scale multi-stakeholder collaboration between several industry players. It was and still is the only initiative in the world to help companies in the maritime industry collaborate with their business relationships towards aligning their human rights, environmental and economic due diligence practices with internationally-endorsed UN minimum expectations from businesses.

The IMPA SAVE Working Group

Led by IMPA's Special Ambassador for Sustainability and Chair, Mikael Karlsson, SAVE is IMPA's newer sustainability ambition, created to bring together members from the industry to support sustainability initiatives and to take action that supports the UN 2030 agenda. Here are the people steering the wheel of change.

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