A history that spans over four decades...

IMPA was formed in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives who wanted to create an industry 'voice' to represent the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping and promote close co-operation and understanding between buyer and supplier. Over the past four decades, the Association has grown significantly and now represents close to 1000 members from across the world.

1978 - A group of three purchasing executives create IMPA to give a collective voice to the profession.

1978 - The Marine Stores Guide appears for the first time, later becoming the industry’s main reference source.

1979 - The very first IMPA Council is elected.

1982 - The first IMPA members’ newsletter is circulated, later becoming the Marine Trader Journal and part of IMPA Insights.

2001 - The first IMPA website is launched to expand the organisation’s reach.

2003 - The first IMPA Seminar takes place, laying the foundation of the IMPA Education pillar.

2004 - IMPA’s annual IMPA Networking event and exhibition in London expands drastically.

2010 - IMPA introduces its first ambassador programme.

2010 - The Marine Stores Guide Data Licence is introduced after years of development.

2014 - The IMPA Sustainability pillar kickstarts its ambitious journey with the launch of IMPA ACT.

2015 - The IMPA Networking portfolio expands with the very first IMPA Singapore event.

2017 - The first IMPA Education online programme for procurement and supply chain management launches.

2017 - The IMPA Networking portfolio expands with the very first IMPA Greece procurement event.

2018 - The first ever IMPA Education student cohort graduates successfully.

2018 - IMPA joins the UN Global Compact to further cement its commitment to sustainability.

2020 - The IMPA Sustainability team launches IMPA SAVE and signs up 10% of the global fleet. Marine Stores Guide launches its first Online Service.

2020 - The IMPA Insights team launches the IMPA BLOG and the IMPA CAST podcast.

2021 - The IMPA Sustainability team launches the IMPA Green Business Programme, helping evaluate suppliers’ sustainability credentials.

2022 - IMPA passes 1000 purchaser and supplier members for the very first time in its history.

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