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Who we are

IMPA, the voice of maritime procurement

The International Marine Purchasing Association (or simply put, IMPA) is the non-profit organisation that has been at the heart of the marine procurement and supply chain management industry since 1978.

Established more than four decades ago by a group of senior purchaser executives who wanted to create an industry voice to make heard the interests of the profession, IMPA now represents a strong and vibrant community of more than 1,000 maritime purchaser and supplier members who are working towards continuous improvement and development of the industry.

How we make a difference in the shipping industry

As the leading membership organisation for purchasers and suppliers in maritime, members rely on IMPA not only to amplify their voice, but to also deliver better solutions for efficient procurement, push the right agenda at all times, and elevate the status of the profession. We have a major responsibility towards our members to provide value, so while at first sight, we may appear just another membership association, we are so much more than that.

We wear many hats…

A membership organisation

We are one of the most active associations in the maritime procurement community, with more than 1,000 members in 90+ countries.

A global network

Through our membership, events, social network, and insights, we have amassed over 70,000 professionals active within IMPA and the sector.

Knowledge seekers and sharers

We direct an award-winning industry journal, update an online blog, and maintain an Insight Centre with a continuous flow of papers and industry research.

Creators and drivers of best practice

We founded the world’s first UN-aligned responsible business conduct system for maritime and a bold initiative that brings knowledge of sustainable solutions to maritime.

Language barrier breakers

We are co-developers of the leading product reference source for the maritime industry, facilitating product specification between ships, crew, office, and suppliers.

Facilitators and enablers

We host a world-leading exhibition in London and sister events in other regions, as well as online events dedicated to bringing the industry together for mutual benefit.

Innovators and educators

We designed the world’s first course for maritime-specific supply chain management education and offer seminars, workshops, and professional development learning.


We like to build partnerships with recognised industry organisations, in order to offer our members continuous value through events, discounts and offers.


We continuously work with many groups of purchasers and suppliers in our community to drive our industry forward and streamline existing processes.

Our strength is in numbers

For more than four decades, we have remained driven to raise the status of procurement by keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry and being unafraid to challenge the status quo. We strive every day to be THE community of choice for maritime purchasers and suppliers who want to network, debate topical issues, and collaborate on projects and initiatives designed to move the industry forward.

No. 1 association for purchasers and suppliers in maritime

40+ years of history in the global shipping industry

Over 1000 of the world’s leading ship-owners, ship-managers, and maritime suppliers

Our global presence extends to 90+ countries, and we have a strong presence in Europe and Asia

Our purchaser members represent 6000+ vessels or over 10% of the global fleet

Every year, 80+ new companies join the IMPA community

We created the 1st UN-aligned responsible supply chain management system for the industry

Co-managed by us, the world-famous MSG now covers almost 70% of the maritime market

2000+ ship-owners meet their suppliers or make new connections every year at our exhibitions

We run more than 20 events, workshops, or industry clusters every year

1000+ industry reports, guides and articles are available through our IMPA Insight Centre

We launched the 1st dedicated online marine purchasing and supply education programme

Our community is guided by a strong set of values

Our ultimate vision is to be a leading industry organisation providing real value to members. Our roadmap to achieving this vision will see us promoting and facilitating co-operation between purchasers and suppliers in the global maritime business, creating and supporting standards within the industry, and promoting the art and science of marine purchasing in all applied forms in order to increase the status of our members. Regardless of how our journey to the mountain peak will be, our values will be guiding us and our community of members every step of the way.


We continuously develop our competencies, sharing knowledge and experience.


We act with respect towards other ideas, listen to opinions and offer room for diversity.


We face challenges by seeing opportunities, are creative and solve conflicts together.


We are reliable, responsible, and honest in our actions. We keep our promises.

Team spirit

We are all representatives of IMPA. We depend on each other and we lead by example.


We take pride in what we do, we share our enthusiasm and are dynamic in attitude.

Join the IMPA community

Membership of IMPA is open to ship-owning, ship-operating and ship-managing companies, as well as suppliers and manufacturers.

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